Your Salad Is Making you SICK! Hidden Dangers in Healthy Foods. . .


. . . Whenever we talk about a healthy lifestyle, we often include tips for eating a healthy diet as a number one priority. . .

There is no doubt that healthy eating habits can lead to a disease-free life or DOES IT?!. . .

. . . .we assume that when we eat well, our cells in our body are getting the right nutrients to grow well and our immune system is getting stronger. . .

= = > helping us fight against diseases attacks.


With all these know facts, it no wonder most people strive to eat healthy . . .

. . . .adding several vegetables, fruits, and dairy products to our routine diet.



But have you noticed that with improved diet and exercise, we sometimes still do not feel great  or seem to be shedding away pounds.

Have you felt like it was an uphill battle that was going nowhere despite doing all that you can to control your diet.

==>Dr. Steven Gundry, a well known heart surgeon best selling author points out how we can still suffer from . . .

. . . brain fog

. . . morning stiffness,

. . . adult acnes,

. . . diabetes,                nutrtionsecretsdiabetes

. . . thyroid disorders

. . . and asthma and allergies even though we WATCH WHAT WE EAT!

==> Dr. Gundry points out a hidden danger found in most of these healthy foods that we must be aware of . . .lectins!

Most of us are unaware about what actually should be included in the list of healthy foods . . .

. . . Yeah! This truth is revealed by Dr. Steven Gundry in his books “The Plant Paradox”.

Lectins – Enemy of Human Health:

.==>Very few of you might be aware of the fact that lectins are plant-based proteins that are

found inside leaves, rinds of fruits and vegetables, grains, seeds of plants and even dairy!

nutritionsecretsleafylettuce      nutritionsecretsdairyfood

==>Lectins are highly useful for plants as it helps to protect them from predators but . . .

. . . on the other side, animals do not find it to be tastey so they often spit the rings and seeds

containing lectins out.

On the other hand, humans keep on eating them without the understanding of their harmful effects to the body.

The fact is, the human body cannot digest lectins so after consuming these foods with lectins they start a chemical reaction in the body leading to digestive disorders and other serious health issues.

Some people may gain too much weight, whereas others face trouble in metabolism leading to unwanted weight loss.

Dr. Gundry writes of his research that proves that it’s essential to eliminate lectins from our diet.

= = >The Plant Paradox is based on this same concept. This book will help you understand why lectins should be eliminated in your diet and . . .

. . . discusses the various case studies surrounding commonly occurring diseases and how a lectin-free diet can ensure better results for overall health.

Why Read The Plant Paradox Book?

Dr. Gundry not only gives you a list of commonly eaten foods containing lectins and the simple

measures we can take such as, peeling our veggies nutritionsecretsapples

shopping for fruits in season, and choosing brown rice versus white rice. 

Dr. Gundry provides guidance on how to slowly eliminate lectin containing foods by naturally detoxifying your body.

He discusses how to add foods that will help bring balance back to the body, helping to eliminate digestive disorders and boosting your immune system.

The Plant Paradox not only helps you pick out lectin-free foods while shopping but also includes tasty recipes that you and your whole family will love.

= =>This guide will help you to choose safe food items from the market to your kitchen.

What Others are Saying About The Plant Paradox:

Dr. Gundry is a true trailblazer, always at the forefront of scientific knowledge. The Plant Paradoxshows the world what pioneer thinking is about and is a must-read book for anyone interested in being as healthy as nature has designed them to be.” —Dr. Alejandro

“I am blown away by the scientifically-grounded diet information packed into this myth-busting book!”  Joan H.

Get ready to get your mind blown away and changed forever! Nothing will be the same after reading this book. No joke! “ -Jason.


If you want to maintain a long healthy lifestyle free from health dangers then The Plant Paradox is definitely a must read.

Pick up your copy today!


Here’s to good health and long life!

Angie Jones